Where my art comes from
From a fragment of shell to a large landscape patterns and forms in nature fascinate me. I can spend hours drawing aerial tree roots examining how they interlock and overlap, or the intricate repetitive details in a piece of dead coral.
Birds, fish, shells, seed pods and flowers are all subjects that I return to again and again.

If I hadn't studied Fine Art, I would have studied Geography. Land forms still inspire me from wild volcanic landscapes to those manipulated by man such as rice terraces.
The work I make
Right now my time is taken up with printmaking, particularly etching and aquatint. Creating a plate is a fairly time consuming process but I enjoy seeing how an image evolves over time with additions, and some subtractions. It can't be rushed. Almost always though, my work starts with drawing and sketches.
When I'm not in the studio
An ideal day for me would be walking on a wild stretch of coast, seeing what I can find along the strand line. Some of my earliest and happiest childhood memories are beachcombing, identifying shells, seaweed and other treasures. This has never left me.

Since my mid twenties, I've dived. At first this was cold water diving the UK, the milder Mediterranean and now South East Asia. I love being in a totally alien environment away from the constant chatter and noise of urban living.

When I can, I go hiking. Hiking in mountains in Europe, climbing up volcanoes in Asia, following ancient trails. I'm fascinated by land formations and how we like to make a mark on the landscape.

©Alison Wilson 2014